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For all of you in search of peaceful place and yet to be footstep to the very heart and city center, apartment MAJATALO is your best choice.

Apartment is located in a housing building on 5th floor and is oriented toward east-south-west which enables it to be lively and full of light throughout the whole day. Newly decorated in 2014 by the contemporary style now breaths with simplicity and architectural purity of form which than brings out peacefulness and sense of home. It is completely equipped with all you might need from housing during your staying in Zagreb.

It is a full four star apartment and could best accommodate four, maximum 5 person. Spacious entrance hall leads to kitchen with dining area, living room, park view balcony, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. If you wish or plan to use living room for sleeping you can have complete privacy since there is a side hall which leads directly toward bedroom and bathroom and could be used by others.

You are looking for smaller place, no problem! In that case we can work it out by making apartment smaller enabling you to use only part of it which would than include entrance hall, to kitchen with dining area, living room, park view balcony, one bedroom and one bathroom. In that case it would best accommodate two or maximum 3 persons.

Please, feel free to contact us and send us mail with your questions and needs for accommodation and we’ll try to custom fit this place for you.

You are always welcome to MAJATALO peaceful and radiant apartment in a heart of the city.






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